Frequently Asked Questions


Lyngual is work in progress and exciting functionalities are constantly being developed. We have a long list of features that we are gradually working on, but of course we are also eager to get feedback and ideas of the users. Thus, we welcome a lively exchange to make the platform a great experience for everyone.

When you submit an offer, you are providing your service at the agreed conditions and and declare that you are available to take the project. This means that if the client accepts your offer, you are also obliged to work on the project.

If you have submitted an offer and other projects get in the way, you should immediately withdraw your offer on the platform. Otherwise, you may end up with a project for which you no longer have capacity. This is something we would like to avoid.

Numerous projects have confirmed that clients almost never choose the lowest price. The most important fact for for clients to identify the most suitable translator for their project is the translator profile. We thus highly recommend that you pay attention to your profile and make it as detailed as possible. This highly increases your probability to be selected for projects.

You invoice Lyngual for your services and Lyngual pays you. You will receive detailed information by email after the completion of each project.

A CAT tool is integrated with the platform, which automatically analyses the file to be translated as soon as it is uploaded. Once you have won a project, you can simply start working on the project by opening the CAT tool with the click of a button. It is kept as simple as possible to use and is, of course, free of charge.

We are driven by the idea that there must be a way to connect translators and customers in a mutually beneficial way. Thus, we are building a translation marketplace that gives translators the opportunity to directly submit quotes for customer projects and showcase their expertise and experience to highlight their expertise and promote fair compensation.. All this under the premise of creating a fair, transparent and community based market.

Registration is free of charge. Lyngual only gets a transaction fee when a project is conducted. However, there is no need to worry as you get paid the total amount that you have offered.

After delivery, the client has 14 days to request a correction from the translator. You must then check the project for any deficiencies and make corrections in consultation with the client. If after the correction the client is still not happy, our customer service will help.

Machine translation has become an integral part of the modern translation market. The numerous engines on the market provide improving quality results and, in combination with speed and low prices, are making machine translation more and more an attractive option for customers.

Lyngual offers machine translation as part of its service offering (also in combination with post-editing), but sees it as a clear mission to educate clients. There are undoubtedly areas of application where machine translation makes sense. However, human translation remains the main driver of the translation industry and certainly will have its place in the long run when it comes to high-quality, individualized content.