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Let's work together

Let's work together
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1. Register profile

Create your profile and impress with your experience, qualification and education.

Give an offer

2. Make an offer

Pick the projects you want to work on.
You set the price.

Work on the platform

3. Work on the platform

Work on the platform in the integrated CAT Tool
and communicate directly with the customer.

Let's work together

Your Benefits

Wondering what sets Lyngual apart from translation agencies?
Here are just three reasons why it is worth using our platform for your translations.

Access to clients

Access to clients

Find projects and customers which you normally wouldn't know existed.
Get notified when interesting projects are posted.

Set your price

Set your price

You set the price for projects you want to work on.
No long-term rate commitments.
No rate squeeze. - Just fair prices.

Showcase qualification

Showcase qualification

Present your best self with your experience, skills and expertise. A convincing profile allows you to attract customers at better rates.
Become a preferred supplier and regularly get projects.

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