3 things to bear in mind when translating between English and German (part 2)

Translating between English and German seems easy enough. However there are many pitfalls, false friends and things to keep in mind when creating a high quality translation that is easily overlooked. Here are a few points that we think are interesting:

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Tips for translators going through periods of little traffic.

Translators and other freelancers will be familiar with unsteady work dynamics. There may be weeks that are very busy – and others where there don’t seem to be any suitable projects for you. But that doesn’t mean that your time has to go to waste. Here are a few tips how you can use your extra time when there are not that many projects for you to work on.

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3 Things to bear in mind when translating between Spanish and English

Translating fom Spanish to English or vice versa can be easy - if you keep these three things in mind!

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