Best of machine translation

We only use the latest and greatest technologies.

With Lyngual you have easy and userfriendly access to professional neural machine translation engines, custom machine translation setups and human in the loop hybrid solutions.

For fast, high quality and price effective solutions tailored to you.

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Advantages of professional engines

Using professional neural machine translation engines has many advantages.
Just to name a few:

Best performance

With the best neural machine translation engines available on the market.

We use mutliple professional neural machine translation engines to ensure the best results.

Easy integration

Easily integrate professional machine translation to your processes. Fully automated via API, or manual process via our self-service platform.
It is so easy to get enterprise grade machine translation for companies of all sizes.

Safe & secure

Security is a priority. You don't want your precios data in the wrong hands.
With Lyngual it is secured and no data is stored.
The data protection nightmare with free web machine translation services is solved.

Custom MT engine solutions

Neural machine translation engines tailored to you

We build custom NMT engines based on your company and business.

We help you integrate the engines seamless with your processes.

Full service and consulting.

Best quality.
Fast turnaround.
Fully integrated.
Significant cost savings.
Human-in-the-loop enabled.

Self learning MT solution

AI based Neural Machine Translation can help transform your translation processes.
With our self learning machine translation solution we provide the perfect setup for your business. With human translators in the loop optimal quality and continued learning of the machine translation engine is ensured.
In combination with automated processes you'll never have to worry about translations again.

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