Frequently Asked Questions


Lyngual is work in progress and exciting functionalities are constantly being developed. We have a long list of features that we are gradually working on, but of course we are also eager to get feedback and ideas of the users. Thus, we welcome a lively exchange to make the platform a great experience for everyone.

We are driven by the idea that there must be a way to connect translators and customers in a mutually beneficial way. Thus, we are building a translation marketplace that gives translators the opportunity to directly submit quotes for customer projects and showcase their expertise and experience to highlight their expertise and promote fair compensation.. All this under the premise of creating a fair, transparent and community based market.

Registration is free of charge. Lyngual only gets a transaction fee when a project is conducted.

You can easily upload or download your translation memory and glossary onto the platform, i.e. you are always in control of your data assets. Every translation that is processed via xxx is automatically fed into your translation memory. Thus the data is always up to date and the assigned translators work on the basis of the latest version.

Machine translation has become an integral part of the modern translation market. The numerous engines on the market provide improving quality results and, in combination with speed and low prices, are making machine translation more and more an attractive option for customers.

Lyngual offers machine translation as part of its service offering (also in combination with post-editing. There are some areas where it makes sense to use machine translation. These include simple content, in-house use, informal use or when you need to translate high volumes at low cost.

With Lyngual, we connect you with the most suitable AI machine translation engines on the market, depending on the content and language combination of your project. Your data is secure and will not be published.

With Lyngual, you can also choose a combination of machine translation and post-editing. After the text has been machine translated, it goes to a human translator who corrects and fine tunes the translation.