Tips for translators going through periods of little traffic.

Translators and other freelancers will be familiar with unsteady work dynamics. There may be weeks that are very busy – and others where there don’t seem to be any suitable projects for you. But that doesn’t mean that your time has to go to waste. Here are a few tips how you can use your extra time when there are not that many projects for you to work on.


1.     Self-care

Taking some time for yourself will strengthen your mind and recover both your physical as well as mental health. Dedicate some of your time to relaxation, fitness, quality time with friends and family, or whatever else you genuinely love to do (besides translation).

You will find that this extra amount of self-care will do wonders for your wellbeing – and will make you even more productive when new work is on the table!


2.     Develop new skills (or improve on existing ones)

Learning can be incredibly fun if it is a subject area that interests us. It can also be useful for your career! There are plenty of webinars out there, covering a variety of content related to translation. Or you can go the more traditional way and pick up an educational book.

This allows you to get new credentials to boost your translator’s profile – and generally will further your success!


3.     Networking

Use your time to enhance relationships within the translation industry – be it customers, fellow translators, or other industry professionals. A solid network will open new doors for you and can be beneficial both for acquisition of new clients and projects, as well as for development of your skillset.

There are many of options for you, ranging from dedicated networking events to building a network on social media.


4.     Time away

What was that place you always wanted to see? The culture you always wanted to learn about? There could not be a better time to schedule a trip than during time where you do not have any projects anyways.

Spending some time away is beneficial to freshen up the mind and can broaden your horizon as a translator. Be it a long travel abroad or just a weekend trip within your own home country – escaping your routine for a while will help you recharge and allows you to make memories.



Even if you don’t have any work on the table for a while, be assured that times of higher traffic will always come back around. Use your spare time to return as an even improved version of yourself. And stay in touch with the community to keep an eye out for new opportunities and to stay motivated. 🍀

Daniel Jelis

Daniel Jelis

Head of Marketing

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