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We are Lyngual

Lyngual is more than a translation marketplace. Lyngual's mission is to change the translation industry and make it fair, transparent sustainable and socially responsible.

Our mission is to democratize translation and make it accessible at the highest level for everyone.

Why we do it

During 15+ years of experience in the translation industry, we did not see the developments we deemed long overdue and dreamed of a more community-based approach that really allows a connection between customer and translator to fairest conditions.

We are here to democratize the translation industry and offer a fair, transparent approach to abolish the obscurity that long surrounded the field. Striving to educate about the localization market. Our vision is to empower both customer and translator to enable an internationalization, to break language barriers, where profit margins are not the one focus.

How we do it

We establish a community and connect customers with translators to interact on one transparent platform, independently, without the need for a third party. We make it easy for everyone to post, conduct and manage projects.
Our automated processes remove the need for intermediaries for API or automated setups, the Lyngual takes care of that, allowing the user to concentrate on what's really important.

What we do

Our platform functions as a marketplace to bring customers and translators together. With transparency functionalities such as translator’s profiles or the chat function to allow direct interaction for a better collaboration. Projects undergo standardized analysis and receive direct offers from translators for customers to directly evaluate price-performance ratio.
Translator’s free access to data protected CAT tools, such as Translation Memory (TM), improves efficiency and customers can decide between a range of translators, machine translation engines or can opt for machine translation with post-editing (MTPE) to find the perfect fit for their project.
100% data security is provided during usage of our services. If customers decide not to consult one of our qualified translators, they have direct access to the best machine translation engines, offering a cost-effective alternative. Navigating our platform and managing projects is super quick and easy – and your translation needs are the priority.

Meet the Team

Andreas Jacobi

Andreas Jacobi


Maria Nowecki

Maria Nowecki


Adrian Rowshanbakhsh

Adrian Rowshanbakhsh


Stefan Amann

Stefan Amann


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