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Ordering translations has never been easier

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1. Post a project

Upload your file(s) in encrypted form and create a translation task with just a few clicks. Choose between human translation, machine translation or a hybrid of both.

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2. Translators come to you

Receive quotes from professional translators and agencies within minutes or choose from the best machine translation engines.

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3. Select the best fit

Choose the best offer for you. With detailed translator profiles and customer reviews you know exactly who you're assigning your project to.

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4. Easy handling

Easy and secure payment. Take full control of your projects, track progress in real time and communicate directly with translators.


Translation Translation


Translation by a professional translator with expert knowledge in the selected industry. Human translators are the best way to receive high quality translations.

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Translation & Proofreading

Translation & Proofreading Translation & Proofreading

Translation & Proofreading

Translation by a professional translator. The translation is then proofread by a second translator in order to assure quality and polish the result. (ISO 17100 compliant)

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Machine Translation

Machine Translation Machine Translation

Machine Translation

Translation is processed by the best AI machine translation engines on the market depending on content and language. We only use professional engines to ensure that your data is 100% secure.

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Machine Translation & Post Editing

Machine Translation & Post Editing Machine Translation & Post Editing

Machine Translation & Post Editing

Translation is processed by the best AI machine translation engines on the market. We only use professional engines to ensure that your data is 100% secure. The result is then reviewed and edited by a human editor.

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Choose from a full range of services.

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There are plenty of reasons to use Lyngual, here are just three:

Cost Saving

Fair Price

Compare translation offers from translators for best market prices without agency markup, for cost savings of up to 50%.

Or use the best machine translation engines for only 0,01€ per word.

Data Security

Great Quality

Work with professional translators.
Detailed profiles allow you to pick the best match.
Communicate directly to get exactly what you want.
Translators stand behind the quality with their name.
Finding and working with your favorite translators is easy.


Full Flexibility

Access any translator or agency in the world.
Manage and control your asset:
Translation Memory and Terminology.
One API and one process connects you to
the best translators worldwide.
Managing multiple translators and agencies
becomes super easy and efficient.

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Customer feedback

What our customers say

It's crazy how fast I received offers.

I love it!

Your project sounds fascinating and very future-oriented.

I believe that platforms like Lyngual will become increasingly important in the future. As a translator I welcome that, as it offers new opportunities to win customers and be less dependent on agencies.

My first feedback, the platform is super user-friendly. The "Profiles" area contains all the necessary data. As a translator you don't have to give too much information (i.e. only the necessary, which is very important to me regarding my private life on the Internet) and the customer only sees what is important to him (i.e. no unnecessary information, no loss of time).

Congratulations on this great initiative! It is so good to read that you are concerned about the future of our profession and the relationship between clients and translators.

This all sounds fantastic - I think the whole concept is very exciting and from my point of view very promising: Congratulations!

Such a great idea! It's funny, I've been registered on Proz for over 14 years now and yesterday I happened to be looking for other platforms on the internet, and there really isn't much else besides Proz. I hope your platform will become a real alternative for us translators!